Social Concern

Concept Clothing Is The BSCI Certified Unit

Our internal code of business governs our own business practices. These codes help us how we run our business and manage our environmental impacts or how we support our employees and the communities where they live and work-is ingrained into how we do business. We believe that good corporate compliance and governance means going beyond what we have to do. It means being a leader, especially in business ethics, and ensuring that we communicate frankly with our customers and employees. We are committed to continually evolving our corporate compliance and governance programs in line with legal and regulatory requirements, corporate ethics best practices and our own high standards. ll its departments have provision for clean drinking water, clean toilets for men and women. Adequate safety measures have been taken in the entire factory and the fire exit routes are clearly marked. CC is an equal opportunity employer and shares the social and environmental concerns of its buyers. Concept Clothing condemns the use of child labour in no uncertain terms. Persons below the age of 18 years are not allowed within the premises.